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Reporting Sequence

The sequence for completing an entire paper crash report is as follows:

  1. Enter data relevant to Page 1 beginning with “Incident Number.”
  2. Use Overlay 1 labeled “Environmental and Roadway Conditions” to enter information into the unshaded boxes on Page 1.
  3. Use Overlay 2 labeled “Additional Operator Information” to enter information into the shaded boxes on Page 1.
  4. Go to Page 3 as applicable beginning with the second section, “Additional Operator Information”, and continuing to the end of the page.
  5. Complete the “Commercial Vehicle” section of Page 3 and “Commercial Vehicles Only” section of Overlay 2, if relevant to the crash.
  6. Remove the two colored NCR copies of Page 1 from the pad and give a copy to each operator.
  7. If necessary, complete Page 2, “Crash Narrative.”
  8. If necessary, complete Page 4, “Crash Diagram.”

NOTE: Minimum data requirements when using the Web Crash tool are provided in Appendix A.