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Vermont Incentive Champions

Below is a list of Vermont's current initiatives and VTrans contacts:

Please click on the name of the EDCSHRP2, or STIC 
initiative for more information.

Initiative Contact
Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Kristin Higgins 828-0053
Design Build (DB) Molly Perrigo 828-6977
Traffic Incident Management (TIM) First Responder Training Rob Gentle 802-272-9054
Intelligent Compaction Mark Woolaver 828-1475
Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Molly Perrigo 828-6977
Data-Driven Safety Analysis Bruce Nyquist 828-8696
e-Construction Chris Williams 802-595-0759
Improving DOT and Railroad Coordination (SHRP2 R16) Toni Clithero 828-3431
Denise Gumpper 828-2089
Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects: Stakeholder Partnering Susan Scribner 828-3588
Regional Models of Cooperation Michele Boomhower 828-5753
Road Diets (Roadway Reconfiguration) Jon Kaplan 498-4742
Smarter Work Zones Nancy Avery 279-5991
Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections for Prefabricated Bridge Elements Kristin Higgins 828-0053
MAP-21 Section 1304: Innovative Project Delivery Methods Todd Sumner 828-0161
Molly Perrigo 828-6977
SHRP 2 Incentive - C-19 Expediting Project Delivery) Wayne Symonds 828-0503
SHRP 2 Incentive - R-07; Performance Specs for Rapid Highway Renewal Mark Woolaver 828-1475
SHRP 2 Incentive - R01A/01B/15B; Utility Bundle Shaun Corbett 828-5299
FY '14 - $100K Incentive Grant: Design-Build Guidance Documentation Molly Perrigo 828-6977
FY '15 - $100K Incentive Grant: Scanning Tours/LEAN Program Kevin Viani - 279-4883
Mike Lozier - 828-2087
FY '16 - $100K Incentive Grant: Data Mapping Framework (SK1) Kevin Viani - 279-4883
FY '14 - $1M VTrans A.I.D.: Enhanced 511 Robert T. White - 522-9867
FY '14 - $1M Municipal A.I.D.: Real Time Traffic Info via Bluetooth Deployment Robert T. White - 522-9867
FY '15 - $1M VTrans A.I.D.: Accelerated ROW BPM Rob White - 828-2619 (ROW)