OJT Contractor Information

What is the OJT Program?
OJT is an Equal Employment Opportunity affirmative action program. Training and upgrading of minorities and women toward journeymen status is a primary objective. We assign training hours to larger projects as a contract requirement. We want to help you diversify your workforce, provide meaningful training, and fulfill your contract requirements.

Working Together to Make it Happen:

  • Communication:
    The OJT Program Manager is available to answer your questions and discuss the training program before the project starts and for the duration of the project.

  • Recruitment & Job Placement:
    We will provide you support as you recruit, assess, and place qualified employees in the training program. Please read our Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Workforce resource before you begin. We encourage you to use the OJT Good Faith Effort Log or a similar tool to document your recruitment activities.

  • Supportive Services:
    Many trainees are new to the construction industry and don't have appropriate gear to work on the job site. Trainees will receive a store voucher to purchase steel-toed boots and/or tools when needed. Other supportive services include regular communication with and support from the OJT Program Manager and fuding for additional workforce training opportunities.

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