OJT Contractor Information

What is the OJT Program?
The OJT Program offers equal opportunity for women and minorities in highway construction. We assign training hours to larger projects as a contract requirement. You, the contractor, hire or promote a women or minority male to be an OJT. We want to help you diversify your workforce, provide meaningful training, and fill your contract requirements.

Working Together to Make it Happen:

  • Communication:
    The OJT Program Manager is available to answer your questions and discuss the training program before the project starts and for the duration of the project.

  • Recruitment & Job Placement:
    We will work closely with you to help recruit, assess, and place qualified employees in the training program. Please read our Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Workforce resource before you begin.

  • Supportive Services:
    Many trainees are new to the construction industry and don't have appropriate clothing to work on the job site. Each trainee will receive a voucher to purchase necessary clothing and steel-toed boots. Other supportive services include ongoing case management, purchasing of tools if necessary, and funding of additional training opportunities, if they become available and are of interest to the trainee.

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