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OJT Contractor Information

What is the OJT Program?
OJT is an Equal Employment Opportunity affirmative action program. Training and upgrading of minorities, women and disadvantaged persons toward journeymen status is a primary objective. We assign training hours to larger projects as a contract requirement. We want to help you diversify your workforce, provide meaningful training, and fulfill your contract requirements.

Working Together to Make it Happen:

  • Communication:
    The OJT Program Manager is available to answer your questions and discuss the training program before the project starts and for the duration of the project.

  • Recruitment & Job Placement:
    We will provide you support as you recruit, assess, and place qualified employees in the training program. Please read our Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Workforce resource before you begin. We encourage you to use the OJT Good Faith Effort Log or a similar tool to document your recruitment activities.

  • Supportive Services:
    Many trainees are new to the construction industry and don't have the appropriate gear to work on the job site. Trainees will receive a store voucher to purchase steel-toed boots and/or tools when needed. Other supportive services include regular communication with and support from the OJT Program Coordinator and funding for additional workforce training opportunities.

For more information please read our OJT Manual or contact the OJT Program Manager, Karen Brouillette, at (802) 917-8388 or

OJT Forms for Contractors: