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Municipal Assistance Section - Local Projects

Municipal Assistance (MA) technical staff is assigned to work with, and support, the municipalities in the development of projects while providing oversight and guidance to ensure projects are developed in accordance with applicable design standards and federal and state regulations. Projects can reach into every area of transportation such as: stormwater improvement projects, development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities along with educational outreach, municipal park and ride facilities, bridge improvements, roadway and intersection improvements, and a variety of transportation enhancements. In addition, the Better Roads program offers municipalities the opportunity to work with experienced and qualified staff to improve and enhance local roads through grant opportunities in part to help meet their obligations under the Municipal Roads General Permit.

At-the-Ready Consultant Services for Municipalities 2023  (Click Here for Request for Qualifications)

The Municipal Assistance Section of the Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is requesting submission of qualifications from consultants to assist municipalities with At-the-Ready (‘ATR’) services for a variety of local transportation improvement projects.  This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from VTrans, and any responses by interested consultants, represent the first stage of a two-stage process. No contract between a consultant and VTrans will result from this RFQ, but VTrans will use responses to this RFQ to make a determination of which consultants are the most qualified to assist municipalities, who will then be listed on a publicly available Qualified Roster (“Roster”) for local government transportation projects.  The second stage will take place via a Request for Proposals (RFP) from a municipality to a consultant on the Qualified Roster, which will detail the Scope of Work (SOW) for which a municipality needs consultant assistance, followed by the consultant proposal to the municipality in response to such an RFP, which may then result in a contract between the municipality and a consultant.  This RFQ is soliciting proposals in three major categories: Design, Municipal Project Management, and Construction Inspection. Proposals are due on February 9, 2023.