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Park and Rides

                    Tina Bohl                                                                              Derek Kenison                             
          Phone: (802) 793-1743                                                  Phone: (802) 595-4316        
   e-mail:                         e-mail:

The Park-and-Rides program helps to provide safe and convenient parking facilities to encourage the consolidation of travelers and the reduction of single occupancy vehicles on the roads.

2024 Park and Ride Grant Program:

2024 Park-and-Ride Grant Program.pdf

2024 Park-and-Ride Grant Program Application.pdf

2024 Park-and-Ride Grant Program Scoring Form.pdf

General Information:

2016 Park and Ride Annual Report

Vermont Park-and-Ride Locations

General Information (PDF)

2004 Park-and-Ride Study (PDF)

Statewide Park-and-Ride Facilities Plan

Statewide Park-and-Ride Facilities Plan Appendix

Public Transit Providers: