Construction & Materials


The Construction & Materials Bureau consists of the Construction Section, Geotechnical Engineering Section, and Materials Testing & Certification Sections.

  • Regional Construction Offices - provide oversight of most capital improvement projects with full-time resident engineers, as required by the Code of Federal Regulations. Staff are located statewide, in four regional offices: Colchester, Mendon, St. Johnsbury and Wilder. Construction is collocated with staff from the Maintenance and Operations Bureau in the Colchester and Mendon facilities. The primary tasks of the Regional Construction Offices are: to provide full oversight of contractor work; to ensure timely reimbursement for the work; and, to prepare the required documentation necessary to ensure full federal participation.
  • Construction Services Section - provides support services to the resident engineers by supplying subject matter experts in Environmental Engineering, Paving, Construction Safety, Structures and Water Testing. In addition, the Construction Services Section includes a Finals Engineer, whose role it is to negotiate final project quantities and authorize final payments to contractors, when all requirements have been met.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Section - is tasked with providing foundation recommendations for all structures; it is comprised of a subsurface investigation team that takes borings, and a geologist that analyzes rock samples and administers the rock-fall hazard mitigation plan. The group provides slope stability analysis for the highway and rail network, and tests soil and aggregate samples.
  • Materials Testing and Certification Section - ensures that only quality materials are incorporated into VTrans construction projects. The group provides acceptance testing at our AASHTO accredited facility in Berlin, provides sampling and testing oversight at bituminous and Portland cement production facilities, and includes an Independent Assurance Unit.

Mladen Gagulic, Construction and Materials Bureau Director

Phone: (802) 828-6405

Jeremy Reed, Construction Engineer

Phone: (802) 828-2593


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Regional Construction Offices

Construction Services Geotechnical Engineering

Materials Testing & Certification

Southeast Region
Bituminous Concrete Materials
Southwest Region
Materials Acceptance Program and Certification
Northwest Region
Independent Assurance
Northeast Region
Geotechnical Laboratory Services
Structural Concrete Materials and Chemistry Laboratory
Water Testing