Lloyd MacCormack, LS
Phone (802) 279-8686

The Survey Unit is responsible for all survey services needed for transportation projects, while developing and following standards, specifications, and guidelines. These services include; route surveying, geodetic surveying, construction surveying, boundary surveying, LiDAR, bathymetric, and other special survey services that are needed within the Agency. The spatial data collected provides the basic framework used to map, build, and maintain Vermont’s transportation system. The Survey Unit manages the Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) program that provides State Plane Coordinates and Datum Elevations for Agency projects.

Both the Geodetic and Route Survey units fall within the VTrans Survey section.

In addition to traditional Survey, we make available the majority of our Survey and Right of Way data in a GIS format through the Right of Way Spatial Data Hub. The ROW Data Hub also includes our most current parcel data, asset data (bridges, culverts, etc.), and maps our Roadway centerlines. For questions about the ROW Data Hub, please contact