Project Delivery Environmental

Environmental Services Manager
Andrea Wright, P.E.
Phone:  (802) 917-1586

The Environmental Section, within the Project Delivery Bureau, is primarily responsible for assessing the presence of cultural and natural resources in project areas; coordinating with Project Managers to avoid, minimize and mitigate resource impacts; and seeking, via permit application, approval of VTrans projects pursuant to federal and state regulations, including the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969(NEPA) and VT’s land use permit (Act 250).

Environmental Procedures Manual
Policy, Planning and Intermodal Development (PPAID) Environmental Policy
Construction and Materials Bureau Construction Environmental
Support Services Bureau Pollution Prevention and Compliance


Environmental Permitting 
Environmental Specialist Supervisor 
Jeff Ramsey  
Phone: (802) 917-4467  

Environmental Resources
Environmental Resources Coordinator
Chris Slesar
Phone: (802) 917-4462