News and Notices

PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE - The Vermont Geodetic Survey has made significant enhancements to the data it offers as well as to the web pages that offer access to these data products. Recently, the Vermont Geodetic Survey upgraded its CORS software to give full Real Time Network (RTN/VRS) solutions in addition to the traditional single-base solutions. Additionally, this software provides improved access to raw GNSS data allowing for multiple formats, epoch intervals, and data spans.

All functions associated with Vermont Enhanced CORS and Transmission Of Real-time corrections (VECTOR) data are now managed through a new application running in a separate web site. General information about CORS is available as well.  Another enhancement of this application is the ability to create and manage user accounts that allow users to gain access to all available data products.

All users must register on the VECTOR website to download data.

If you would like to search for horizontal or vertical survey marks in VT please visit the Vermont OnLine Geodetic Information System (VOLGIS).​

CORS News - After sending out the email reporting the CORS server outage last week, we received over 70 failed delivery notices. We will be suspending those accounts until their email addresses are updated. We are trying to improve our communication with all users and the primary way to do that is making sure we have updated email addresses. If you know, or hear, of anyone who has been unable to receive these correspondence emails, or who is unable to access the network next week, please have them contact us at to update their account information. Thank you.