Better Connections Program

The Better Connections (BC) Program seeks to increase transportation options, build resilience, and strengthen economic vitality in Vermont’s community centers and neighborhoods by funding master planning such as: improved multimodal connectivity; active transportation and complete streets; access management; traffic calming; parking; wayfinding; rehabilitation of buildings; redevelopment of sites; housing; land use planning; stormwater management; and zoning bylaw and form-based code development.  In addition to development of a physical master plan, the program can fund corresponding economic and marketing plans to ensure the market viability of the proposed improvements and inform the municipality's capital planning.  The plans are action-oriented and lay out a strategic implementation plan for both short-term and long-term public and private investments.

The program supports implementation-focused, municipal planning initiatives that:

  • Provide safe, multi-modal and resilient transportation systems that supports the Vermont economy

  • Support downtown and village economic development and revitalization efforts

  • Lead directly to project implementation 

Municipalities compete bi-annually for approximately $200,000 in projects funds. A 10% local cash match is required. Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for additional funds to support projects that improve water quality by reducing nutrient and sediment pollution and to apply for additional "quick build" grants to accelerate the implementation of projects that support public health, physical activity, and access to healthy food to prevent chronic conditions.

The Better Connections Program was an outgrowth of the 2013 Smart Growth America Report, Strengthening Vermont's Economy by Integrating Transportation amd Smart Growth Policy.  The  program is a collaborative effort made possible through diverse partnerships and funding sources.  The program is primarily funded by the Agency of Transportation, with additional staff support and funding provided by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Agency of Natural Resources, and Department of Health.  To learn more, visit the Better Connections story map.

Program Updates

  • 2019-2021 Communities have been selected.  To learn more, read our press release.

Key Program Dates 2021-2022​

Date Event
December 2020
Grant Announcement
January 2021
Pre-application Meeting Deadline & RPC Confirmation of Municipal Planning Process
February 2021
Application Deadline
March/April 2021
Award Decisions Announced
December 1, 2022 Project Completion

Applicant Resources

BC Program Contact Information

Jackie Cassino | Planning Coordinator
Policy, Planning & Intermodal Development
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Richard Amore | Planning & Project Manager
Community Planning + Revitalization
Agency of Commerce and Community Development