US Route 7 – Milton to Georgia

Corridor Planning Logo featuring a paved road, rolling hills, a bridge over a river, and a town off in the distance.

AOT in partnership with numerous regional, municipal, and community stakeholders, started developing the Route 7 Corridor Management Plan in 2021.  The plan covers the US 7 corridor between I-89 exits 17 and 18, primarily within the towns of Milton and Georgia. For more information about what the Corridor Plans are and how they are developed, please visit our “Quick Guide”.

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Public Outreach and Survey

In May and early June 2022 we had a public survey available for anyone who lived, worked or traveled along the Route 7 Corridor.  For more information, click the links below:


Please reach out to Katharine Otto (, 802-917-3451) if you would like the survey or resources in another format such as printed, translated or screen-readable.

Partners Meeting

VTrans will be meeting with Partners in January 2022 to collate their needs and concerns.  Partners include staff from Towns along the corridor and RPCs, as well as other state agencies.  They are entities which help us identify issues and may also be a partner to address some of those issues.

Reviewing existing needs/concerns, and providing feedback

For this project we have compiled a StoryMap which explores some of the themes that recur along the Corridor and gives information about all the places where needs and concerns have already been identified.

We are then using our Public Comment Tool to collate comments from Partners and others along the Corridor.  You have the opportunity to comment on existing needs/concerns, as well as identified new needs/concerns, all connected to a map of the locations. 

Take me to the StoryMap and Public Comment Tool

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We’ve created a quick video to show the main functions of the Public Comment Tool - click here to view on Youtube

If you would like to provide comments outside of the Public Comment Tool, please send them to Katharine (, 802-917-3451).


Please contact Katharine Otto, Planning Coordinator (, 802-917-3451).