Metals Fabrication and Welding

The Metals Fabrication and Welding Program provides technical support to VTrans design and project management teams, as well as to the Construction Division for three key areas;

  1. Review and Approval of Metal Fabricators, Coating Facilities, and Field Welders

  2. QA inspection oversight for Metal Fabrication and Coatings

  3. Reviewing Fabrication drawings, shop procedures, weld procedure specifications, and supporting qualification documents

This program is also a resource for Contractors and Fabricators to determine who is approved for VTrans fabrication work, who is approved for field welding on VTrans projects, and to clearly outline how to become approved to fabricate or perform field welding.  We strive to keep our Pre-qualified Fabricators list, Welders list and other related publications as up to date as possible.

Key Points of Interest

  • All Fabricators and Coatings Facilities performing work per 506 of the Standard Specifications for Construction related to metal bridges and metal highway components shall be on the Pre-qualified Fabricator List prior to Contract Execution.

  • All welders performing field welding on VTrans projects shall be listed on the Pre-qualified Welder List and shall be certified for the work they are performing.

Metals Fabrication

Field Welding