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V8 Cadd Project Configuration & Resource Files

V8 – CADD Project Configuration Files are used to configure MicroStation and InRoads to conform to the VTrans CADD Standards. These configuration file perform a variety of functions including but not limited to, pointing MicroStation to seed files, DGN Library files, cell library files and line style resource files, utilized by the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

VTrans CADD support is providing V8-CADD Project Configuration Files. These files are available on CADD supports web page. Download the V8-CADD Project Configuration. This is a compressed file and contains the resource files for the VTrans CADD environments.

Extract these files in your site's CADD Workspace directory. See your system administrator for your site specific MicroStation installation setup. When these files have been extracted, the project settings files and VTransSTD will be added to your workspace. When opening MicroStation and presented with the MicroStation Manager you will have the option to select either VTransEng or VTransMet projects. Selecting these projects will set MicroStation to find and attach Vermont Agency of Transportations standard Project configuration and resource files.

Download INDEX - readme

MicroStation V8i Resource Files-- > (ReadMe) 11/28/2017
2011 Traffic Cells (download)--> (trf_cell_readMe) 08/03/2011
MicroStation XM Resource Files - 24 MB Zip File (ReadMe) 01/11/2010
Excel Spreadsheet Forms (ALL) - 3.8 MB Zip File 01/24/2023
Excel Quantity Sheet Form Builder Maintained by others
Structures Preliminary Information Sheet (PI Sheet) 10/07/2016
VT Rebar Detailing Utility (Drafting Aid for drawing Bars in Details) 03/01/2012

Link to: CADD Status Page


The download and use of these files should be done in accordance with your system administrators guidelines. The Vermont Agency of Transportation is not responsible for any issues related to configuration and the use of these VTrans Project Configuration Files. VTrans provides these files to assist in CADD standardization and Compliance with CADD standards.

Example Plan Sets

Section Example Description
Roadway See Roadway Design Manual for Sample Sheets
Structures Vermont Town Bridge Project with a structure of 244 FT in length and a Roadway Realignment of 356 FT in length, total project is 600 FT in length. <<Download This Example (19.4 MB)>>

EROSION PREVENTION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL Example Narrative Sheet <<Download This Example (0.13 MB)>>

Project Development
Process Chart
This is basic Diagram outlining Project Flow thought a Standard Project Development Process from Selection to Construction. <<Download (0.7 MB)>>
InRoads V8 Training Data Set (As shown in the VAOT InRoads Fundamentals Manual)

The Example Plan Sets at this site are provided as an aid in preparing Engineering Documentation under contract with the Vermont Agency of Transportation. The information in these plans is provided “AS IS”; VAOT neither accepts or implies any liability for use of information provided in these engineered documents. The Examples are provided with the explicit intent of showing an acceptable standard for drafting and assembling a set of plans for submission to the Vermont Agency of Transportation.