Is my project appropriate for Design Build?​

The types of projects that are conducive to Design Build:

  • Larger projects. 
  • Project where less design control by the owner is needed.
  • Projects with lower impacts to natural and archaeological resources (less complex permitting).
  • When internal design resources are limited.
  • Projects where the owner is looking for possible innovation.
  • Limited, simple or no Right of Way acquisition required.

The above list is not all inclusive and does not preclude a project for Design Build.  However, care should be taken to mitigate high risk factors before using Design Build.   A decision tool for Project Managers to promote thought on the appropriateness of alternative contracting methods for their projects called “VTrans Alternative Delivery Selection Matrix” can be found here. (http://vtranscontracts.vermont.gov/alternative-delivery/design-build/doc...)

As a Project Manager, how do I navigate my project through Design Build delivery?

Below is a very brief outline of how Design Build Procurement process works:

  1. VTrans develops a Base Technical Concept which is similar to Preliminary Plans.
  2. VTrans develops and advertises a Request for Qualifications for a Design Build team.
  3. VTrans evaluates the submitted Statement of Qualifications and short-lists the teams to the highest scoring three.
  4. VTrans develops and advertises a Request for Proposals to the short listed Design Build teams.
  5. Design Build teams submit a Technical Proposal and a Price Proposal.
  6. VTrans evaluates the Proposals for their technical merit and scores them. 
  7. Design Build team with the highest “Best Value” score is awarded the contract. The best value is the combination of the Technical Proposal score and the Price Proposal score to determine the greatest value for the project. Fr

For a more detailed understanding of the design build procurement process, see document called “Design-Build Process for Project Managers” located here. (http://vtranscontracts.vermont.gov/alternative-delivery/design-build/doc...)

Where can I find additional information about Design Build?

The Contract Administration Section has a Design Build website where additional information can be found. Click here.(http://vtranscontracts.vermont.gov/alternative-delivery/design-build/doc...)  This site contains examples of Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Proposals(RFP), Alternative Technical Concept (ATC) procedure and other useful documentation.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Contract Administration Design-Build website here. (http://vtranscontracts.vermont.gov/alternative-delivery/design-build)