What's New

This page is a chronological listing of new items and announcements from the Vermont Geodetic Survey, and other items that we think will interest our visitors.

  • April 2015, VECTOR website created for data download and real time account management. VECTOR provides VRS corrections in addition to single base.

  • As of Jan. 08 2010, RTCM v. 3.1 is available for all VT real-time stations. This now allows non-Trimble users to access GLONASS data in real-time. After an appropriate testing period, the current CMR+ data streams will be removed and completely replaced by the RTCM v. 3.1 streams. All all real-time users are encouraged to begin using the v. 3.1 data in place of CMR+ or RTCM v. 2.3. For users who do not require GLONASS or who are conducting resource grade type observations, the RTCM v. 2.3 formats will continue to be available.

  • OPUS-Database (OPUB-DB) granted Initial operational capability (IOC). NGS' OPUS database allows users of OPUS the option to publish their results in the NGS Database. OPUS-DB requires a minimum of 4 hours of duel frequency data, and certain horizontal and vertical accuracies must be met. See more here.

  • Vermont CORS Network Expanded - RTK Corrections Available

  • NGS releases new NAD83 adjustment

  • NGS releases OPUS-RS (Rapid Static)

  • New Vermont Geodetic Survey Web

  • NGS has released GEOID09. Online computation, technical details and downloads available here

  • In an ongoing effort to provide the users of Vermont's Geodetic control with a single location for all control, we have added the OPUS_DB (OPUS Database) points in Vermont to the VOLGIS application.