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Data and Analysis Section


To establish the Operations & Safety Bureau Data & Analysis Section as the leading transportation safety data analytic and visualization production organization in the state.         


Enable decision makers and road users to make sound, consistent, information-based decisions ultimately reducing the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on Vermont’s roads by building, implementing, and managing systems to analyze transportation safety data.

What We Do

The Operations and Safety Bureau's Data and Analysis Section uses information collected from a wide array of sources both in and out of Vermont, partners with other government agencies and research institutions, and conducts in-house studies to make our state's roads safer for everyone. 

What's New?

Accessing More Data

Please click on the following buttons to request data products from the Operations and Safety Bureau Data and Analysis Section, to query publicly available information or to explore the Strategic Highway Safety Plan dashboards.

Data Request Form 

Public Query Tool

SHSP Reporting Dashboards


Crash Data

count of fatalities - 5 year comparison

fatality count - 5 year comparison graph