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Traffic Signal and ITS

The Traffic Signal and ITS section of VTrans is responsible for all state traffic signals and street lights in Vermont. This team is tasked with maintaining the mobility and safety of the traveling public through state owned signalized intersections and multi-jurisdiction coordinated signal systems. This team monitors major signalized corridors, responds to signal complaints, retimes traffic signals, and develops and maintains the state’s traffic signal inventory. Signal Maintenance is responsible for traffic signal equipment maintenance and field operations.

Vision: Through Intelligent Transportation Systems, to support the VTrans Vision and Mission by providing relevant, actionalable, real time traffic information to the public and state agencies, and an archive of historic data for use by decision makers to allow for a safer and more efficient transportation system for all modes throughout Vermont. 

Mission: Implement transportation technologies to support the VTrans Mission to provide excellent customer service and ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. 


  • Establish ITS as an asset to the Agency and other stakeholders and improve inter-Agency coordination and communication through education, exposure, and awareness of ITS existing and future capabilities and resources
  • Demonstrate the value of the ITS functions within the Operations and Safety Bureau
  • Establish institutional mechanisms and clear project parameters to promote the development and deployment of ITS projects and the incorporation of ITS infratstructure in future Agency planning projects
  • Develop and integrate traveler information, traffic management, public transportation management, maintenance and construction management, and emergency management systems throughout Vermont
  • Collect and communicate real time, relevant, and reliable traveler information, weather conditions, and roadway incidents that impact travel to the public, first responders, and the Vermont maintenance districts through the TMC
  • Strategically maintain, upgrade, and expand existing ITS infrastructure through asset management

Current Projects (coming soon)

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