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Traffic Operations and Mobility

The Traffic Operations Unit provides the Operations & Safety Bureau (OSB) support for traffic signs and pavement markings, and ensures that the traffic control devices are in compliance with the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The Traffic Operations Unit is tasked with evaluating and implementing traffic performance and mobility analytical tools to improve statewide travel mobility. The Traffic Operations Unit leverages new and existing data sets and technology to monitor and improve mobility and travel time reliability on Vermont’s roads and provides expert opinion on statewide travel mobility topics. This unit assists other Agency groups with monitoring, evaluating and disseminating information regarding travel delay and congestion, in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Traffic Operations is made up of three teams: Traffic Investigations, Traffic Engineering (including the Bike/Pedestrian Program), and Infrastructure Safety.

Traffic Investigations works to increase travel time reliability and to improve safety for everyday travel, planned events, and unplanned incidents.  This group manages the state-owned pavement markings and over 70,000 state owned traffic signs through projects and work orders, making sure that they communicate essential information to drivers so that they arrive safely at their destination.  They also perform engineering studies for speed limits and other traffic regulations in support of the Traffic Committee, assist towns with sign, line, and road safety questions, and perform road safety reviews.  This team also assists with developing traffic management plans for long duration incidents and planned events, and contingency plans for short term incidents. 

The Traffic Engineering team is responsible for mobility, signal timing, traffic safety concerns, and project coordination.

The Infrastructure Safety team is responsible for administering the state’s Official Business Directional Sign (OBDS) program, maintaining travel information plazas located throughout the state, and providing staff support to the Travel Information Council (TIC).  This team also coordinates the activities of the Agency’s maintenance districts and the TIC to control illegal signs as defined by state law.

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10 V.S.A. chapter 21 subsection 486

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