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2021 Vermont Freight Plan

VTrans has updated the Vermont Freight Plan and submitted it for review by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This work is coordinated with the 2021 Vermont Rail Plan. These plans are related by the importance of freight moved by rail.


Freight is timber transported by truck to a sawmill and electronics ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. Milk for cheese producers, hops for breweries, fuel to heat our homes, and the food you purchase at the grocery store are examples of the diverse items that together are freight. Vermont’s highways, railroads, and airports have essential roles in the transport of freight.


The Vermont Freight Plan identifies issues and strategies to increase safety, reliability, and sustainability of this important element of Vermont's economy.  Thank you to members of the Freight Plan Advisory Committee and the many additional public and private stakeholders who helped inform the update.

THE PLAN...delivered your way

National Highway Freight Program Project Table – May 2024 (supersedes all previous versions)

Vermont Freight Plan (December 2022 Revision)

Executive Summary (as submitted for FHWA review 12/27/2021)

Vermont Freight Plan (as submitted for FHWA review 12/27/2021)

Video: Overview of the Draft Vermont Freight Plan and Its Initiatives (~11 minutes - 11/17/2021)

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Zoe Neaderland, VTrans Planning Coordinator at or 802-793-2778