2021 Vermont Freight Plan (underway)

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is updating the Vermont Freight Plan and concurrently updating the Vermont Rail Plan.  These updates are closely related by the importance of freight moved by rail.

Vermont’s highways and bridges, railroads, and airports all play a role in the transport of freight.  Freight can be many different things, from timber transported by truck to a sawmill for lumber production, to electronics ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.  Raw milk for cheese producers, hops for breweries, and the groceries you purchase at your local grocery store are all freight at some point.


The Vermont Freight Plan identifies freight system issues and needs, and subsequent policies and strategies to guide freight-related transportation investments in Vermont.  The update of the Freight Plan will be guided by a Freight Plan Advisory Committee and outreach to public and private stakeholders.


Newsletters and Outreach Material

Newsletter #2 (Fall 2020)

Newsletter #1 (Spring 2020)


Freight Plan Advisory Committee (FPAC) Meeting #1 - presentation

Video of Town Hall #1 - Held October 06, 2020 (63mins)

Town Hall #1 Slide Deck

Video of Presentation #1 (Extended Version) – Introduction, summary of data trends, how the update process will work, web map, and next steps (31 minutes)

Presentation #1 slide deck (Extended Version)

Technical Memos, Reports, Resources

Vermont Freight Data Trends for FPAC

Tech Memo #1: Existing Conditions

2012 Vermont Freight Plan

Data Trends Summary and Discussion Questions

Federal Guidance for State Freight Plans (49 U.S.C. 70202).  


Dave Pelletier, VTrans Planning Coordinator at dave.pelletier@vermont.gov or 802-595-9675