Active Specifications

Currently, only the 2011 and 2018 Standard Specifications for Construction are in active use by the Agency. These Specifications, and the associated General Special Provisions, Unofficial Specification Books, Supplemental Specifications, and a link to the Project Special Provisions SharePoint site, can all be found below.


If you have any questions, comments, or find errors in any active specifications, please fill out the error reporting form and e-mail it to the Pre-Contract and Specifications Office at


Standard Specifications for Construction

2018 Standard Specifications for Construction

2011 Standard Specifications for Construction

For information about purchasing paper copies of the Standard Specifications, please go to the Purchasing Specification Books page.


General Special Provisions and the Unofficial Specifications Book

The General Special Provisions and Unofficial Specifications Book apply to contracts advertising on or after the date of the indicated revision. Both documents are identified by version using a four digit number that specifies the Standard Specification year and the revision number (e.g. GSP-1805 is the 5th General Special Provision document issued for the 2018 Standard Specifications, and USB-1805 is correspondingly the 5th Unofficial Specifications Book for the 2018 Standard Specifications).

IMPORTANT - The Unofficial Specifications Book has not been vetted or formally approved by the Specifications Committee and is therefore neither legally nor contractually binding. It is provided for informational purposes only, and no guarantee of any sort is provided regarding the contents. The Vermont Agency of Transportation takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Please see the full disclaimer on the first page of the Unofficial Specifications Book.

For the 2018 Standard Specifications

Effective Date

General Special Provisions

Unofficial Specifications Book

July 27, 2021



April 27, 2021



January 26, 2021



October 27, 2020



July 28, 2020



April 28, 2020



January 28, 2020



October 22, 2019



July 23, 2019



January 18, 2019



August 8, 2018



For the 2011 Standard Specifications

Effective Date

General Special Provisions

Unofficial Specifications Book

August 8, 2018

Final 2011 GSP




Supplemental Specifications (for the 2011 Standard Specifications Only)

For the 2011 Standard Specifications

Supplemental Specification Title

Date of Revision

Asphalt Price Adjustment

April 6, 2010

Bulletin 3.5 Compliance

July 25, 2008

Section 106 – Control of Material – QC/QA Concrete

December 23, 2003

Section 501B – QC/QA Portland Cement Concrete

December 23, 2003

Section 520 – Membrane Waterproofing, Spray Applied

August 6, 2013

Section 545 – Prefabricated Multi-Modal Bridge

February 4, 2003

Section 660 – Timber Painting

November 4, 2008

Section 661 – Metal Roofing

November 4, 2008


Project Special Provisions

VTrans internal staff and authorized external users may view and download Project Notice to Bidders and Section 900 Special Provision Items at the following link:

Access to the above site by external users is generally restricted to consultant designers working on VTrans projects. If you believe that you should be permitted to access the SharePoint site, please contact PC&S at