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Purchasing Specification Books

The 2018 and 2024 Standard Specifications for Construction are available in electronic form and can be viewed or downloaded for free on the Vermont Specifications page, or paper books can be obtained from the Agency. Consultants, contractors, towns, and the general public may make requests to purchase paper books at the prices listed below by clicking here. Please note that the book prices reflect the Agency’s actual printing costs. Internal Agency staff may make requests to obtain a paper book for free by contacting the PC&S group at

                                                                                                                      Specifications Book Purchasing Information

Specification Edition No. of Volumes Approximate Size Approximate Weight Price Per Book
2024 Standard Specifications for Construction 2 10-7/8” x 8-7/16” 7 lbs. 4 ozs. (total for both volumes) $83.00 (total for both volumes) plus shipping
2018 Standard Specifications for Construction 1 10-7/8” x 8-7/16” 3 lbs. 6 ozs. $20.00 plus shipping