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Stephen Madden, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

The Geotechnical Engineering staff is a resource group that provides assistance and recommendations pertaining to the behavior of earth materials to the Project Delivery Bureau, Maintenance Bureau, and Municipal Assistance Bureau. Staff is responsible for facilitating subsurface investigations, instrumentation installation and monitoring, and for the selection of the appropriate field and laboratory testing for soil and rock. The Geotechnical Engineering staff provides soil and rock geotechnical design parameter recommendations, design of deep and shallow foundations for bridge and culvert structures, and evaluation and design of existing unstable slopes and proposed slopes. Staff is responsible for retaining wall feasibility analyses, as well as for reviewing retaining wall submittals during the construction phase. Staff also provides technical assistance during the construction of geotechnical inclusions, such as piles, drilled shafts, soil and rock nails/anchors, MSE walls, and slope stabilization systems.


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