Geotechnical Laboratory Services

Ethan Thomas, Transportation Geologist
Phone: (802) 828-6916
The Geotechnical Engineering Section maintains both an AASHTO accredited Soils Laboratory and Aggregate Laboratory.
Please Note: Our laboratory does not test soils for home gardening or agricultural purposes. Instead, please go to the UVM Soils Testing Site for these tests.
The Soils Laboratory supports our Engineering group by providing comprehensive geotechnical testing services that include strength, consolidation, moisture-density, and a variety of index tests that are conducted on soil collected from borings advanced by our Drilling Unit and samples submitted by engineering consulting firms, other VTrans Sections, and Vermont municipalities.
The Aggregate Laboratory’s function is to test aggregates and soil aggregate mixtures used on VTrans projects to verify compliance with VTrans Specifications. In addition to aggregate samples, rock samples are tested for strength parameters and salt testing is performed in order to verify compliance with specifications. The aggregate laboratory also assists municipalities in characterizing aggregate when requested. Tests include gradation, durability, and wear. Both laboratories also perform testing in support of Agency research efforts.

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