Bituminous Concrete Materials


Andrew J. Willette, HMA Materials Manager
Phone: (802) 828-6932
Troy Lawson, HMA Lab Supervisor
Phone: (802) 828-6925
Ryan Knapp, HMA Field Unit Supervisor
Phone: (802) 828-5663


The Bituminous Concrete Material Unit maintains both an AASHTO accredited Performance Graded (PG) Binder Laboratory and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Laboratory. The PG Binder laboratory supports the Vermont Agency of Transportation projects assuring that the PG Binder and Emulsified Asphalt used are in compliance with VTrans Specifications. The PG Binder and HMA laboratories provide Certification and Independent Assurance testing for Bituminous Concrete materials.
The HMA laboratory provides analytical support to the Construction & Materials Bureau and the rest of VTrans. In addition to quality assurance testing of contractor produced HMA, the laboratory conducts investigative testing and research and evaluates materials used in our highways. These testing contribute to the quality and longevity of our transportation infrastructure. The HMA laboratory evaluates bituminous concrete mix designs, sources of materials and other products used in the production of bituminous concrete used by VTrans.

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